Prespa Lake Area border guard station: Preparatory activities for the establishment of the border crossing point between Greece and the Republic of North Macedonia at the Prespa Lake Area.


 Project BorPres at a glance

The total budget of the BorPres project is 690.000,00 €, being co-funded by the European Union and national funds of Greece and Republic of North Macedonia and implemented under the INTERREG IPA Cross Border Cooperation Programme “Greece – Republic of North Macedonia” 2014-2020.
The total duration of the project is 18,03 months. The project started on 7th April 2022 and is expected to finish on 7 October 2023.

Beneficiaries  of the Project

Τhe Region of Western Macedonia (Lead Partner)

It is the main body in Western Macedonia for regional planning and programming and responsible of the Regional Operational Programme of Western Macedonia during all programming periods.

Ministry of Interior (Sector Macedonia and Thrace)

Its mission is to promote the comparative advantages of the region, natural, architectural and cultural heritage and to collaborate with European/International counterparts on areas of common interest such as environment, infrastructure, and culture heritage and tourism development, in terms of sustainable regional development.

ANKO Western Macedonia S.A. / Organization for Local Development

established in 1985 having as stakeholders in Western Macedonia Region, the Regional Authority, the Regional Development Fund, the Union of Local Authorities and chambers

Ministry of Interior of Republic of North Macedonia

is responsible for: functioning of the public and state safety system, prevention of violent destruction of the democratic institutions determined by the Constitution, protection of life, personal safety and the property of the citizens

parallax background

"The new BCP will provide direct connection for the neighboring countries in the Prespa Lake area. This will also enable the opportunity for the Prespa Lake round trip through three different countries and will further promote the sustainable development of the wider area of the Prespa Transboundary Park”.