The expected project's results are in line with the result indicator of the Programme

The maturation of the border crossing point works that are included in this proposal and the implementation of the proposed works during the next programming period will solve a long time problem of travelling and communication between the two countries in the area of Prespes.

At the moment, the travel time from Municipality of Laimos – Greece to Municipality of Resen is about 2 hours and 15 minutes through Niki Border Crossing Point, as a diversion via Florina and Bitola is needed, while after the opening of the new BCP the travel time will be reduced to 40 minutes. 


  • The new BCP will provide direct connection for the neighboring countries in the Prespa Lake area. This will also enable the opportunity for the Prespa Lake round trip through three different countries and will further promote the sustainable development of the wider area of the Prespa Transboundary Park.”
  • Additionally, the opening of the borders will have wider benefits for the local economies in terms of income and employment by the rational exploitation of the tourist resources and the trade of the local agricultural products. 
  • Promotion of the developmental prospects of the area after the operation of the border crossing point.
  • Strengthening of cooperation between the two countries in terms of development issues and communication and in the field of rational exploitation of natural resources and the sustainable tourism.