The overall objective of the project is to strengthen communication in the borders at the Prespa Lake area and to create a common transnational development area.


The opening of the border crossing point between Greece and Republic of North Macedonia, is considered as a significant intervention to strengthen ties between the two countries, while having a strong developmental character can safely lead to multiple environmental (Prespa, Ohrid) social and economic results (tourism, culture, agri-food), for the benefit of the common cross-border, as well as the wider region (Ohrid, Prespa, Kastoria, Florina), with focus on tourism.

More specifically, the main objectives of the project are:


The maturation of the infrastructure needed for the establishment of the border crossing point between Greece and the Republic of North Macedonia at the Prespa Lake Area, so that the implementation of the border projects will be applied during the next programming period 2021-2027


The promotion of the developmental prospects of the area after the operation of the border crossing point


The improvement of cooperation between the two countries in terms of development issues and communication and in the field of rational exploitation of natural resources and the sustainable tourism

It is directly joined with IPA CBC Greece-Republic of North Macedonia 2014-2020 Programme and especially with the Priority Axis 2: Protection of Environment-Transportation that focuses on the improvement of public infrastructure and reduction of isolation by improved access to transport, information and communication networks and services and with Specific Objective 2.1: Upgrade public infrastructure to improve road travel time, safe border crossing and promote energy efficiency towards green transport. More specifically the project is in line with indicative actions to be supported under specific objective 2.1.