The project is structured in 4 Work Packages (WP).

WP1: Project Management and Coordination

Total Budget: 40.760,49 €


WP1 sets the standard operating procedures for administrative and financial management, the organizational structure, internal communication, methodology of monitoring and evaluation, and management of risks.

WP2:Communication and Dissemination

Total Budget: 84.899,90 €


WP2 Communication will promote knowledge and experience that will be produced from the project, to create a high level of awareness and networking among citizens and relevant stakeholders and to join project's results with the construction of the relevant works during the next programming period.

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T2.1.3 Communication plan/creation of leaflets, posters and brochures  

T2.1.4  Prespes Destination Branding

T2.2.1 Website/social media

T2.2.3 Management plan for touristic flows/organization of workshops

T2.2.4 Awareness and Dissemination events

T2.2.5 Video creation

WP3:Maturation of border crossing works at the Greek side in the Municipality of Prespes

Total Budget: 339.179,61 €


WP3 concerns the proposed activities for the Greek side of the borders, namely the maturation of works that have already decided and will be implemented during the new programming period.

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T3.1.3 Coordination and approval of studies (Region of Western Macedonia) 

T3.3.1 Topographic works (ANKO)

 T3.3.2            Supporting studies (ANKO)

 T3.3.3            Studies of buildings and shelters of the border crossing (ANKO)

 T3.3.4            Environmental spacial studies (ANKO)

 T3.3.5            Environmental licensing (ANKO)

WP4:Maturation of border crossing works at the Republic of North Macedonia side in the Municipality of Resen

Total Budget: 225.160,00 €


WP4 concerns engineering services and tender documentation for reconstruction of the SB police station and design of connection to the BCP facilities for reconstruction/renovation of the State border security police station at Markova Noga where the future border crossing point will be established.